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Data Breach

Proactive and Reactive Data Risk Management

With expertise in both the law and information technology, Porras Law offers your organization proactive services for legal, cyber and risk management support necessary in today's unique environment of technology and cyber challenges: persistent attacks, cyber awareness, managing risks, unusual and unique issues, Active Defense, policy review and drafting, risk assessment, compliance, cyber security awareness training and more.

Porras Law can also be reactive when necessary due to breaches or compromises by providing incident response, digital forensics management, resolution of unique cyber security and breach issues and through protecting the company’s reputation, intellectual and proprietary information/secrets.

Data breach specialties include:

  • Addressing unique cyber and risk management issues and response
  • Policy review/drafting
  • Cyber security analysis
  • Technology legal support, litigation support, expert witness
  • Cyber security awareness training
  • Risk assessment
  • Digital forensics
  • Active Defense© (hack back) packages for dealing with persistent attacks, loss of intellectual property, trade secrets, business disruption, etc.
  • Support for law firms dealing with technical litigation, cyber intel, expert witness support, second chair trial support


Post-Breach Legal Support

In the event of a breach, the right legal and technical experience makes the difference. Porras Law’s litigation support services include:

  • Civil and criminal litigation
    • o Domain name infringement
    • o Theft of trade secrets and customer lists
    • o Invasion of privacy and defamation
    • o Illegal downloading of music and movies
    • o Database security
    • o Spyware
    • o Phishing
  • Post-incident analysis and reporting
  • Review and update of corporate breach response
  • Tabletop review exercises
  • Dispute resolution concerning privacy and information management
  • Coordination with law enforcement


Systems Management

Porras Law security engineers are experienced in the selection, design, and implementation of multiple security technologies. Whether you are looking to re-engineer your infrastructure, deploy an IDS solution, or simply “harden” existing systems, we can help you implement the right system for your business.

Data Privacy and Security

Porras Law specializes in helping businesses in maintaining data confidentiality, integrity and availability and avoiding liability and reputation risk. Privacy and security issues touch virtually every aspect of an organization’s operations–from online activities to workplace policies to cross-border commerce–and can involve multiple layers of regulatory challenges. To further complicate matters, legal rules and technologies are changing rapidly and profoundly.

Porras Law provides counsel on all critical privacy issues for clients handling sensitive data–including personally identifiable information.

Porras Law can help with the privacy requirements of the:

  • Fourth Amendment
  • Cable Act
  • FTC
  • Federal and California state privacy and data security laws
  • Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)
  • CAN SPAM Act
  • Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA)
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)
  • ECPA
  • CPNI
  • DMCA

Porras Law has experience in data standards from both the legal and practical technology perspective, including:

  • Payment card industry data security standards
  • Self-regulatory strategies and protocols
  • Rules and regulations governing the different types of data, including the
  • Big Data
    • o Information licensing
    • o Liability for decision-making related to the data
  • Data Loss
  • Other alleged data violations

Corporate Consulting

PCI Compliance Audit & Risk Assessment

Porras Law’s PCI Compliance Audit & Risk Assessment service is based on extensive practical technology experience, but approaches your compliance from a legal point of view. The process examines your systems, assesses vulnerabilities, quantifies your legal exposure and creates a roadmap to protect your organization from a data breach, as well as provides a defensible position for future unforeseen security issues.

Porras Law works to ensure confidential information is protected across systems and privacy policies are relevant to ever-changing needs, within the context of both business and legal risks.

Consulting specialties include:

  • Sale of customer lists
  • Transfer of data to vendors
  • Establishing secure private networks
  • Negotiation and implementation of agreements for Internet and network security
  • Advise on issues related to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act
  • Provide counsel on contracts involving digital signatures
  • Developing and monitoring records management systems
  • Consult on the risks involved in sharing information with third parties for marketing or other business purposes
  • Consult on the legal requirements for destroying personally identifiable information
  • Advise on compliance with state and federal subpoenas, trap and trace, pen register, and wiretap orders, warrants, and other civil and criminal demands for information


Employment Security Policies

With practical Chief Technology Officer experience, Porras Law is well positioned to help your organization define security and computer policies, including data security, Internet access, email and voicemail security and privacy, as well as providing counsel to protect trade secrets and other forms of intellectual property before, during and upon termination of employment.


I select criminal cases involving those who are defenseless, or who face significant punishment that may not fit the crime. To request a review of your case, please contact the Dallas office.